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Quickclips: Newwater Timelapse

June 8, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.

Here’s look at a¬†fun little time-lapse¬†project we were working on a little while ago for a new development in Vancouver (another project with our friends at Thoughtshop). The final version was displayed in a 16:3 aspect ratio spread across 3 screens.
(if you’re reading this on an rss reader you may have to click here to view the embedded video)

… and here’s Brendan managing the setup during the 7 hour shoot day (final timelapse runs about 4 minutes). We shot it primarily on the Nikon D3x to get a high enough resolution to have it be HD across all three screens.ddi_bp_110607b

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Comment by Daniel.

Cool timelapse, is the laptop in the picture controlling the action? I guess the servo thats moving the camera is on the camera on the left?


Comment by jstushnoff.

The clouds really co-operated with you that day! Must not have
been a breath of wind up there! Nice effect; seems somewhat unique to me.

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