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The Process: Portfolio Printing

July 19, 2011 by , under The Process:.

A little while back we posted a photo to twitter of our updated print and portfolio material which generated some interest, so we decided to put together a short video clip and share a bit of the process.

Printing portfolios and promotional material is something that I’ve seen a number of photographers try to take on themselves, but more often than not is one of those things that’s really best left to the experts. Their knowledge of paper stock, different printing processes and presentation ideas are far beyond what most photographers can come up with on their own.

I connected with Jeff Mesina at Total Graphics here in Vancouver when I was on a pretty tight deadline to get some new work together for a number of meetings I had coming up. I was impressed not just with the print quality but also Jeff’s willingness to work alongside us and collaborate to produce the best product for our needs. Though this last job was a pretty straight forward portfolio and promo card; Jeff, Brendan and myself are already scheming up a couple new projects we’ll be printing in the future.

I can’t emphasize enough how important having a network of talented collaborators is. From stylists and producers, to printers, designers and accountants – this industry is so much more than just a guy (or gal) with a camera. If you’re hunting for a printer you can reach out to Jeff at: jmesina(at)


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