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Iceland Blog Series Coming Soon – A Timelapse Teaser

August 24, 2010 by , under Uncategorized.

Keep an eye out here over the coming week or two as I have a series of posts planned surrounding my recent Iceland trip. I’ll be outlining bit of the technical, practical and creative thought that went into shooting in this remarkable country (including more info on some of the timelapses you saw above).

teaser music by: local natives

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Comment by Nick P.

So can I ask a technical question about your timelapse?

What was the interval between shots, and when you put them together as a video, how many images per second did you use?

Looking forward to the Iceland report!


Comment by admin.

Nick – interval varies depending on the shot, but I run all the final clips at 24fps. I’ll have a lot more to say about how I produce these timelapses in the coming months so keep an eye out for that.


Comment by Erin Wilson.

Oh my… this is so much fun, and can’t help but love the tilt-shifty goodness.


Comment by Òscar Domínguez.

Very interesting Dave. Waiting for the next entries with more information… Good job :-)


Comment by MM.

wonderful … superb…


Comment by Jessica S..

LOVE it. I want to drop everything and move to Iceland with only five possessions in my backpack. And just suck up that beautiful mixture of gray and green.

Can’t wait for the next shots from the trip!


Comment by Sean.

Looking forward to it.

Iceland looks like a wonderful place to visit.


Comment by jstushnoff.

I see you’re still enjoying your time-lapse rig, have you got any new toys for it since Banff? For a minute there I thought you’d got something to automate the zoom on your lens, ’till I realized you’ve got lots of resolution to play with in post ;)
(of course actually changing focal length has a bit different effect) Either way, nice.
Is Trevor still playing with his fancy rig? (I can’t remember his website address)


Comment by Anonymous.



Comment by Dave Delnea Images - Blog » Catching Up.

[...] mentioned in my last post I do have a few posts planned that discuss the Iceland trip in greater detail which I will work [...]


Comment by Adam Loewen.

This is magic by the way. Love it.


Comment by SharonBarnes.

your timelapse is sick. Love it.

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