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Iceland – Waterfalls and Mossy Rocks

August 6, 2010 by , under Uncategorized.

When David duChemin suggested we do a portfolio building shoot together in Iceland it didn’t take me much time to block out the time and make up my mind. Iceland’s been in my top list of places to shoot for a very long time. My response was something along the lines of “waterfalls and mossy rocks man, I’m in” (ok there may have been an expletive or two in there as well)…

Our time here is nearing it’s end as I write this from a hotel in Reykjavik and this place has offered so much more than just waterfalls and mossy rocks. I’m leaving here more inspired about my craft and career than I have been in a long time and look forward to sorting through much of it here on the blog in the coming months. Iceland’s in the blood now and I’m sure I’ll be back before too long (though Patagonia was pretty high up on that list as well… hmmm).

Also a quick welcome to all of you who follow duChemin’s blog/twitter and have been keeping tabs on our trip. Welcome to the conversation – I hope to have lots of interesting content coming your way.

5 Responses to “Iceland – Waterfalls and Mossy Rocks”


Comment by Sean.

Great shots. Iceland must be a wonderful place to photograph. And cheap to get around now after the recession.

And mossy rocks rock :-)


Comment by Guillem.

Glad to hear to you enjoyed Iceland! see when you and David make it Barcelona. Really like the color on these shots, very nice indeed.


Comment by John Reid.

Sitting in Reykjavik going through David’s and your posts, I realize we must have been at the same places. Would have loved to properly cross paths. Iceland is ridiculous. Can’t wait to return in winter.


Comment by David duChemin.

Check the frames at 2:25 on the Jungle Drum/Iceland video – you took photographs of the door at that place! Love this video. Why were we not playing this stuff while we were there?! Must bring this to Patagonia with us…


Comment by Mary Corriere.


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