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Work: Runners

August 16, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.

Here are a few images from a series on runners that I have been working on recently.
I have been shooting more of these quick little personal projects with my Hasselblad film camera. There’s something I find really relaxing about shooting film. The pace is slower, I’m metering with a seperate meter and taking time between each shot to really think about what I’m recording onto each piece of film. The mechanical feel of the camera, that awesome “ka-chunk” of the shutter (anyone who shoots these cameras just smiled, because they totally know the sound I’m talking about), the waistlevel viewfinder… these are all things that don’t really have any impact on the image itself but they do impact my enjoyment of the process. Yes, I could have gotten the same shots more-or-less with any one of my other cameras, but I use those cameras all day at work – and picking up the old hasselblad just makes me happy.

1. Film waiting to be scanned.
2. The Camera
3. At work with it in Iceland.

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