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Inspired: Liu Bolin

July 13, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.

The recent release of Ai Weiwei from Chinese detention and the amount of media coverage surrounding it got me thinking about some of the art that has been coming out of China in recent years. I came across the work of Liu Bolin sometime after my first trip to China in 2006. Since then Bolin has produced an impressive number of works in his “Hiding in the City” series taking it beyond Beijing into places such as New York and Italy (and in doing so taking the series from being a statement on China, it’s progress and it’s people – to one that’s more about humanity as a whole). I think the work is brilliant on a number of different levels, both in it’s execution as well as it’s artistic statement, and I thought I would post it here as part of our ongoing “Inspired:” series.

Liu Bolin. Hiding in the City No. 93 – Supermarket No. 2, 2010

Liu Bolin. Hiding in the City No. 75, 2008

Liu Bolin. Hiding in the City No. 16 & 17- People’s Policeman, 2006
Below is a quick video showing the artist at work.

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