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Quickclips: Tipi Tests

June 30, 2011 by , under Uncategorized.

Tomorrow’s Canada Day, which to many brings with it thoughts or memories of heading off into the woods to camp, build fires and drink beer. On that note – here are a couple of images and motion bits from a scouting trip we took recently to run some tests for an upcoming project.
Below is the quick test shoot we did. Super rough production value, but the point was to experiment with the night look+feel and just “sketch” a few ideas.

… and here’s a timelapse of the Tipi setup.

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[...] morning bike ride to the office. 3. A trunk full of gear on our way to scout a location for the tipi shoot. 4. Tipi test shots. 5. Our newly “organized” battery charging station. 6. Dave [...]

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