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Work: Grouse Mountain Resort

June 15, 2011 by , under work.

Here’s a quick video of some behind-the-scenes footage we grabbed while working on the summer campaign for Grouse Mtn.  I’ve been sitting on these shots since last year, but haven’t been able to post much about them until recently. If some of you are getting this through the rss feed you may have to jump out of your readers to see the embedded video.

It takes a lot of people to pull these off – so huge thanks to all those involved (cast, crew, mountain ops, heli pilots, etc.).

A few screenshots and poor iphone shots below of some of the ads from both the summer and winter shoots. If you’re around Vancouver you’ll be seeing these in a lot of places. You can see a few more of the shots here on the website.

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Comment by Maplemusketeer.

Awesome work Dave! Great job on the vid showing a glimpse of how much is happening behind snapping the shot :)

So good! lol


Comment by Mark.

Great video Dave – and great images of course… Looks like a stunning location and that you had some fun, which is always a bonus!! Love the site btw. Regards Mark


Comment by Mikee.

Awesome, Dave! Your work is fantastic, and these images are such an important piece towards the success of our campaigns!

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