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Inspired: The Vancouver School

April 24, 2012 by , under inspired.

While visiting the MoMA last week while in New York, I was reminded of some of the great artists from here in Vancouver such as Jeff Wall and Stan Douglas and the contributions they’ve made in elevating photography as an artform. Below are a couple favorites.

Stan Douglas:
Hastings Park, 16 July 1955 (Stan Douglas). 2008

Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971 (Stan Douglas). 2008

Jeff Wall:
A Sudden Gust of Wind (Jeff Wall). 1993

Dead Troops Talk (Jeff Wall). 1992

… also, if you’re in Vancouver and haven’t already checked it out – you have 1 week left to catch the Fred Herzog exhibit at the new Equinox Project Space, a fantastic (and huge) new addition to the Vancouver gallery scene.


Inspired: Stop Motion

January 31, 2012 by , under inspired.

Hi all, taking a quick bit of R&R in Madrid this week – a chance to spend a few days to refill the creative stores as I wander through the city’s art galleries and explore some of the interesting contemporary architecture that has been going up here over the last few years.

Continuing with our “Inspired” posts Brendan and I got talking awhile back about all of the stop motion projects we’d been seeing – so we thought we’d put a few of them up here. I’m always blown away when I see these at the amount of work that would have gone into each and every frame. Imagine what we would all accomplish if we were so dedicated to each creative idea we had!

… and in case you were wondering, the answer is 2430 pieces of toast!

This amazing music video for the Fujiya & Miyagi song “Ankle Injuries” uses dice and stop motion. Directed by Wade Shotter

MÖBIUS is a project that combines installation artwork and stop-motion photography. From ENESS.

Music video for Oren Lavie’s song “Her Morning Elegance” co-directed by Yuval and Merav Nathan.

Stop motion on burnt toast by illustrator Geoff McFetridge
Music by OKGO.

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Inspired: The Title Sequence

November 30, 2011 by , under inspired.

In our “Inspired” posts we feature a collection of links, videos, or images around a theme of something we find creatively interesting here in the office. Something I’ve found myself paying more attention to lately are the title sequences from some of the television shows I watch. They’re often this great mix of mediums – incorporating music, typography, motion graphics, film, stills, and illustrations into a quick visual story.

Here are a few that I think are particularily well done (if you have a favorite of your own drop a note in the comments so we can all check it out).

Mad Men Title Sequence: A brilliant bit of illustration and story. Created by Imaginary Forces.

How To Make It In America: Love this – incorporating a ton of still photography with motion. Created by Josh&Xander

Boardwalk Empire: Another Imaginary Forces creation. I’m a sucker for time-lapsed clouds (and for whisky).

Fringe: Where typography and motion graphics collide. (sorry couldn’t track down credit on this one) Created by Andrew Kramer (Thanks Geoff)


Speak Intelligently

November 13, 2011 by , under inspired.

In the process of preparing for a recent talk I started to think about how important it is as artists to be able to speak intelligently about what we create. I don’t mean the ability to boast about awards won, or to ramble on about the how deep and introspective our work is – more just an ability to intelligently discuss why it is that we do what we do, what it is in our environments that inspire us or keep us curious, and the process we all go through as we push ourselves to create better work.

Some people are better than others at this naturally, but I think if we’re intentional about thinking through these things our work and our audiences will be much better for it.

Here’s a video of Andrew Zuckerman doing just that:

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Inspired: Skateparks

August 9, 2011 by , under inspired.

Hey, it’s Brendan here. I thought that I should do an “Inspired” post seeing as it’s something fun we are trying to add to the blog these days.

Two things that I find inspiring are art and skateboard culture. Here are a few of my favorite short films that combine those inspirations well. Enjoy.

A creative take on graffiti by using a remotely controlled spray can apparatus mounted to the underside of a skateboard.

Some interesting angles in this film by Joe Simon, shot from a RC helicam.

Beautifully shot film showing French skateboard team “Oxelo Skateboards” trip to India.

Here is a local Vancouver short film by Ethan Miller Productions called “Kensington Nights”.

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Inspired: Stefan Sagmeister

June 22, 2011 by , under inspired.

The above ad was produced by Sagmeister Inc.
I’ve always admired the work of Stefan Segmeister, the Austrian born designer working in NYC. Much of his work ties into that whole concept of approaching advertising as a corporately funded art project that I discuss often here on the blog. (I’ve felt challenged to find ways to bring more of that concept into my own work).

He’s done a couple Ted Talks but this is a favorite:

And another great video showing the same concept doesn’t have to be a high budget production:

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