The Splash Series

05 February '13

If you follow this blog at all you may have noticed that I’ve been much more interested in creating projects as small series’ of work rather than focusing on one-off images. I think there’s something about working this way that allows you to explore a concept a little deeper, and also forces you to execute a concept in a repeatable way. Here’s one of the latest…

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Shoot Your Friends

31 January '13

I’m lucky to be surrounded by a truly great community of friends and creatives, and for a long time I’ve been telling myself that I need to start a project to photograph all of these people before life starts to pull us in too many different directions.
… perhaps that project will grow out of these images photographed last weekend.




Beach Kids

04 January '13

New work from an ongoing series…

These images along with other recent works have been added to the portfolio site here.

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Diver Series

21 December '12

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Belize – First Tests

17 December '12

I took a “professional development” trip to Belize last week in order to see a little sunshine, experiment with a few still and video ideas I had kicking around in my head and to spend some time testing an underwater kit and get my scuba certifications sorted for some upcoming underwater projects.

… the place completely exceeded expectations.

Here are a few of the first color grading tests from a few stills.

… those of you who follow our “new work” instagram feed have been getting sneak peeks of this stuff and other projects in the works for awhile now. (instagram user: @davedelneaimages for those of you interested).


Jumper Series

20 November '12

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Stretch Sequence

12 November '12

Another image from our recent “dark yoga” shoot.

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22 October '12

… some new work we shot in studio:


… and a look at the set:

Huge thanks to our talent on this and their crazy yogi skills. More images to come…

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Climb or Fly

11 October '12

From a recent shoot for Grouse Mountain Resort – you can see more of our GMR work and a bit of behind the scenes from a different shoot for them here

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MEC Fall Insulated Campaign

04 October '12

A few shots starting to roll out from a lifestyle shoot we did awhile back in Squamish, BC for Mountain Equipment Co-op.

and a few shots of us at work – big thanks as always to our talent, stylist, hair/makeup and crew!

… this was a fun shoot for me b/c one of my early published stock images was this self portrait from Cathedral Park used as the cover of ’06 MEC catalogue.

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